Reminder: tomorrow is the deadline!

Hi everyone,

This is just to remind you that tomorrow is the deadline for handing in the exit form.

It would be great if as many participants as possible could finish their lessons this weekend, so I can start analyzing the data. So if you are in the last phase of the experiment, please try to do that. Thank you!

If you are half way, or you just started, please don’t worry. It still is very valuable for my research that you are participating and you can certainly continue and finish for example in the autumn. 

Compared to the number of people who registered to take part (130 violinists and violists!), the number who finished the project is relatively small, I really need more people to finish it. Please don’t worry if your recordings of playing Paganini are out of tune or in other ways not perfect. I suspect that we have many perfectionists in this group… and perhaps the name Paganini is triggering a lot of fear and bad memories amongst violinists. I just want to show that even music by Paganini is playable without using a shoulder or chin rest, but your video by no means needs to be a perfect recording! It’s enough for me to be able to see what is happening technically and how you manage to support the instrument. So please don’t worry! 🙂

Links to exit forms

Here are the links directly to the exit forms:

Exit form playing without using a shoulder rest
Exit form playing without using a shoulder rest

If you took part in both experiments, please fill out both forms. Thanks a lot!

Upcoming Zoom sessions

From next week on I will take a little bit of holiday, so the next Zoom sessions will be:

Please use the Zoom link at the log in page on the website to take part. Would be nice to meet many of you there! Even if you already finished but perhaps still have questions or like to discuss something, you are very welcome. 

Good luck with the remaining part of the lessons, please do send in your exit form and wishing you all a lovely summer!

Esther Visser

“I think your research is very important and I think you are very right on all the points you raised. I am so thankful that your talk about this, because almost every musician has unhelpful habits.”

– Jun Keller, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra,
participant in the experiment