Thank you

Thank you for joining the experiment!

The experiment will start in October. In the end of September you will receive an email with a password to hidden pages on the website, where you will be able to see the online lessons and explanation about the experiment. Please reserve 15 minutes per day starting form October to practice for this project.

There will be Zoom sessions available for you to ask questions or discuss your experience, if you like.

It’s great to have you participate, thanks! Do check your mail 🙂


We need to re-activate the left thumb, to involve it in balancing the instrument, just like the right hand does with the bow. The thumb cooperates with the fingers. We seem to have lost this skill as a result of using a shoulder rest. When I changed to playing without shoulder and chin rest, I had to re-train my thumb again!

Esther Visser

Violinist / Alexander Technique teacher / PhD researcher